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tiny_josser wrote in sweetly_sime
You guys have probably noticed the trend of having a great looking actor next to and interacting with a horse in teen magazines. This works. I know know it works because I'm 26, yet my first thought when seeing this photo was "hey it's Goran. Horsie!"
But my second thought was, "jesus christ his head goes up to that horses ears."
It's just an amusing observation after seeing so many heart throbs being dwarfed by the living prop.

Also the look on his face says that horse's tongue feels all kinds of weird and he really wants to wipe his hand off.

Is that an invisible cock he's holding in his hand?
As a professional photographer- I have to say I really can't stand many of Goran's photos. Someone needs to let me shoot this man.

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lol I have too much time.

I can't draw cocks so I drew some nice flowers

HA! It's fantastic. You're a fucking artist, man. The flowers really bring out his eyes.

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