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It gets ugly
tiny_josser wrote in sweetly_sime
Remember Goran's love child? Well mommy signed her up to be a model with a British agency (she's two) and Goran is fuming. Mom comes back with 'what does he care, he's never around for his daughter anyway'.
That poor kid. If it's true and Goran isn't taking an active role in his daughter's life then he really has no leg to stand on. Paying child support doesn't give him the right to say how she's raised, but this two year old must feel like a rope in a game of tug-a-war right now.

You can read an article of their very public tiff right Here
Why is Goran going through the papers/ lawyers/ his agent to make all these statements and not the mother? It's tacky. I wonder if he's afraid being alone with his one time lover will upset his wife. Whatever the case- it's not good publicity for him and right now it's the Only Goran news out there. This is pretty bad. Also reminds me a lot of my parent's divorce.

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Lana is a happy well adjusted child and if she enjoys modeling what's the harm? And what right does Goran have to say anything? I can tell you for a FACT that he has never seen Lana even though he does have visitation rights. There are people who like to blame the mother's antics for Goran's absenteeism. Personally I think it's a crock of sh*t. If he really cared about the child and wanted to see her he'd find a way (but then what would you expect from a man who refuses to give his own child his last name!)

As I said- I agree that if he's not going to be in the kid's life then he doesn't have a leg to stand on about how she's being raised but to say a two year old enjoys modeling? She's fucking two. She has no idea what modeling is. It's not my kid and if parents want to have their kids model at that age then it's none of my business. But I'm not going to pretend the kid has any clue what's going on at "work".

The article has a quote from the mother saying he never comes to visit, we can all read it. Vehemently stating you know it "for a fact" makes you look like you know them all personally are a big crazy.

I don't know Goran,but I do know Mirela "personally". The reason I said I know it for a fact is because I'm not stupid enough to believe everything I read in the media(are you?)

Nope. Or stupid enough to take your word for it. Or stupid enough to think I can "read between the lines" and know just what's going on. You skimmed over the point of my post which was- this is a fan site. Keep it in mind if you are going to continue posting here. If your personal opinions of Goran are negative you should start a different community where the people have joined for that sort of thing. This is not that place.

I need that to be clear.

Look I'm not here to fight with you I was merely stating my opinion on the situation based on what I know to be true. I never said you had to take my word for anything. So I don't think Goran is a good father. Does it give you the right to accuse me of things I haven't done????

As I said below,I have no idea what an IMBD chat is, I came across your live journal in a Google alert and signed up. You have my IP address why don't you email the IMBD chat admin of that site and have them compare it to whoever you think I am? You'll see that you are wrong.

P.S.Am really looking forward to seeing "Helen"(if they ever get around to releasing it in the states)

I totally don't mean to attack you, it's just that all signs pointed to troll and I needed to make some things clear. As I said you are welcome to stay.

There is a crazy person on the other chat who insists she knows Mirela and only gets on there to spread these rumors that she "knows for a fact". I'm sure you can see why I wanted to set some ground rules up immediately when you came in saying the same things.

I think we will have to wait a really long time for Helen to show up and it wont be in theaters at all. It looks just utterly depressing but I also want to support Goran in any english movies he does. Not that Welcome to Sarajevo was a feel good movie, right? Still I can tell if I watch the flick it'll be alone in a dark room where I have access to huge amount of chocolate.

Thank you.Obviously I can't prove what I said with out betraying Mirela's confidence (which I'd never do), but I do understand where you are coming from and I'm sorry if I came across in a bad way.

I'll settle for the dvd -I just want to see him again lol

No I was totally in the wrong there and I'm sorry. I was SURE you and this other person was the same, but I realized I was wrong when you said you liked Goran as an actor and just didn't think he was a good father. This other girl would have just been foaming nuts and then kept talking about her inside information. So it's my bad.

I'm disappointed in how things seem to be playing out too and I really hope that he starts having a relationship with his kid. I can't help but feel like maybe he sees it as betraying his wife and their son if he does. I keep trying to make excuses for it. It irks me that my favorite actor is acting a lot my Dad who would abandon pets and children alike. I can't stand those kind of guys and I just wanna shake him and yell, 'cut it out!'
But honestly if I ever saw him in person that would go right out the window and I'd be a melting pile of goo at his feet. It's not like I'm going to tell him how to life his personal life and it's none of my business anyway.

I have to admit though after the affair and all this I do see him differently. If only he was as good as he looked, right?

About the way things are playing out,hearing some of the things that have gone on first hand from Mirela herself and knowing the constant stress she is under from the media (obviously this is bigger news over there) has indeed caused me to see Goran in a different light.He is no Luka Kovac,that is for sure.

In my opinion there is NO justification for abandoning Lana the way he has. I was really disappointed with Goran when Mirela told me that he refused to sign Lana's birth certificate/give her his last name. I always thought he was a better person than that. Why acknowledge her,agree to pay child support even ask for visitation rights and then turn around and deny her his last name? His parents don't even see her (and they could if they wanted to!) I know a lot of people blame it on Mirela's behavior but if they wanted to see the Lana there are ways (using a third party advocacy for example) I really don't get that. However,unlike some people -ahem Billie Jeann lol- I can separate the actor from the real life person :)

Um,still trying to figure out what I want to blog about lol Hey how do you make your icon pictures change with every post?

Luka was a complete and utter dick for a whole season. I think the fifth one? I can't remember but it was during the male slut stage and even after he got back to normal he took pot shots at the nurses all the time and that really irked me.

To change you icon photo- right above the comment box you're typing in the word Picture is in red and then "to use" There it a box there that is set to "default". Those blue arrows will open up a list of your icons so you can chose which one posts with your comment.

LJ is great but there are a lot of little things to learn. Like posting pictures and links and all that. Sometimes the "help" section as too much in it and things are hard to find.

Oh he was out of control lol but I still liked him and besides he wasn't married at the time. Luka wouldn't have abandoned his kid -remember when he got that annoying waitress Nicole (ugh) pregnant and was going to marry her until Abby got(jealous)involved and laid a guilt on her making her feel so bad she got an abortion and left town.Damn I miss my weekly dose of Goran.

Thanks for the explanation on the icon pictures! I've been looking around the site and reading since yesterday and I'm still confused.

Even before you deleted your own response I was certain you were the person from the IMDB site. And I notice you made a livejournal account specifically to comment here. Usually that's great- but here it is not because you are not a Goran fan you are someone that spends far too much time and effort insulting him over the internet. We call that a troll.

You are welcome to leave or welcome to stay, but this is a fan community. Keep that in mind. You don't have to think everything he does is right and wonderful but if the only reason you are here is to talk shit about him (like you do in the IMDB chat) then this is not the place for you.
If I believe you are doing that I will ban you. I do not believe you are of personal acquaintance with who you claim- actually I believe you are mentally ill. Hell- you could be her best buddy and still be deranged. What I care about is the content on my FAN site. The rest of us are here because we like Goran and want to share info and pictures. If that's not what you're here for you can start a "Goran is a twat" community and be completely in your rights to do so.

I only deleted my comment to edit it,it's there. And for the record I do like Goran as an actor,I just don't think he's a very good father.

P.S.I have no idea what IMBD chat is,nor have I ever referred to him as a "twat".

No, you didn't call him a twat. I was using it as an example of a community idea.
You just started your lj and nothing is on it. No entries, no info. Do you understand what a 'troll' is?

Now I'm a troll. Jeez tiny,what's with all the name calling. I'd never heard of "lj" until this afternoon when I saw your google alert and signed up. I'm still trying to figure out how to use it so no there isn't anything on it yet.We all have to start somewhere right? lol

I want to send you a link to the message boards I was talking about. I hope you can see the spastic crazy known as "BillieJeann" and get a laugh out of the fact that's who I thought you were. Because after reading her hopefully you'll understand why I tried to stamp out a fire only I thought was there or at least just get a chuckle out of her.
Right here. It's been a while but I think I had to sign up to see the message board so if the link doesn't work for you and you have any interest just go to the IMDb site and sign up.

lol thanks,I'll definitely check it out!

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