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taken from: The Sudbury Star
tiny_josser wrote in sweetly_sime
I'd never heard of the Sudbury Star, but apparently they got a little interview out of Goran so I copied and pasted. I think it's fairly recent because he talks about his movie Helen.

Q: Would you play a doctor again?

A: I would like to say I really don't care. The only thing that matters is a good script.

Q: What were the main lessons the show taught you?

A: I was always on time at work. On "ER," you really learn the craft. Every day you need to be there at a certain time. You cannot be late to such a machine. If you are a little late, everybody suffers.

Q: Now what?

A: I have been taking some time off but not because I want to. I was in Sundance with an independent movie I did, "Helen." Ashley Judd plays the lead. I did a movie about a Polish woman in Warsaw with Anna Paquin. I am trying to work. It's been a little slow lately.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories from TV's most honored show?

A: My first year, we were invited to be guests in Congress. We had been in Washington for a couple of days and I saw the White House at 10:30 p. m., and got a private tour and saw the Situation Room. Then a storm hit Washington and we were stuck in the hotel and we ended up in the suite and played Celebrity.

Q: Has anyone ever actually asked you for medical advice?

A: Jokingly, yeah. Fortunately I haven't met anybody so insane to ask me for that. It would be, "Hey doc, my leg hurts." "Call 9-1-1."

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:) Thank you for copying and pasting.

Lol Goran isn't the best interview giver. Either that or he's really shy and not much for talking.

You'd think such skills would be important for an actor, but I've noticed Johnny Depp isn't much better either.

I wish he'd forget about doing movies and get another tv series.

Yeah, that would be nice. I miss weekly Goran.

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