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viens_avec_moi wrote in sweetly_sime
I know this community was never really that active, but I miss the occasional posts we used to get. Sometimes I wish he would just hurry up and get work so there could be news about him and we can all post about him. So in my attempt to  liven things up, here's a cute little clip from his glory days in ER

Don't you just want to make babies with him?

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Yes. Yes I do.

The reason we aren't very active (besides the fact that it's hard to find recent news and clips to post) is because there are very very few people in here. I am having trouble finding other fans, but always have an eye out. Hopefully we can get more going on.

Head on over to Bleu Profond 2, we have info on his latest projects, the film "Beginners" and the 5 part BBC series "The Deep" that he is in Glasgow filming now. Of course we do daily pics, links to fic and more. Here are the links to the website and forum:

Hope to see you there, JD

I like to go there to look at the daily pics. I'll def check out the message boards too!

You should find quite a bit to keep you busy, we have a pretty alert group of posters around the globe so, we generally stay right on top of what's happening. I look forward to seeing you there.

Yeah, it does suck that there's only 15 people here, and it's usually only you and I posting stuff about him. and it is getting harder and harder to find relevant news about him that's in English, and that isn't about his baby mama drama.

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